Halogenix – All Blue EP

Metalheadz are keeping to form as always, this time with one of the most stand out EP’s of the year so far by Halogenix. By now you should be more than familiar with the name, with Halogenix forming one part of the alchemy that is drum and bass super group, Ivy Lab.

Just oozing class; ‘All Blue’ is the exceptional portrayal of Halogenix’s evident love for soulful moving drum and bass. Each track truly encompasses that inimitable style that we have become addicted to through his previous work and of that with Ivy Lab; displaying his diversity as an artist and the eclecticism he can bring to the table.

Halogenix by Chelone Wolf (High Res)-5‘All Blue’ is the incredible title track, featuring the stunning soul drenched tones of award winning UK Jazz virtuoso Cleveland Watkiss. The listener is greeted with atmospheric, crackling pads as the track advances into the sultry, sophisticated vocals of Watkiss and typical Halogenix snappy drums and shuffled hi-hat notes before breaking into an enthralling journey of exquisite sub-bass and off beat cymbal work that perfectly compliments the warm vocals. Halogenix really creates emotion with this one and whets the palate for whats to come.

Next is ‘Beyond The Bounds’ with a faded in jungle esque drum break. Switching up the mood with this one; the track progresses with echoing vocal chops and delicate drum work before partnering with the main hook and droning subs. ‘Beyond The Bounds’ has an almost shadowy feel to it, as if venturing into the abyss but with the glimmer of light that is the warm enchanting vocal hook.

Halogenix by Chelone Wolf (High Res)-1Stepping up a gear is the aptly named ‘Shank’. From the outset we can feel the tempo has been upped, with no holds barred from Halogenix on this club ready bouncer. With shuffling drum work and stab-like synths, this one definitely hits in the right spot and is sure to go off!

‘Shores’ brings us back to theme again with tight spacial drums, delicate piano notes and reverberated percussion quickly partnered with the haunting vocal. Then comes that sound we all know with that signature Ivy Lab horn – Well, that’s what I’m going to call it. Creating a flourishing melancholic roller; Halogenix has hit the nail on the head with this one.

Halogenix by Chelone Wolf (High Res)-3Last but by no means least is the digital exclusive ‘Paper Sword’ with the emotive topic that’s been exhibited throughout the EP being upped once again. The intro of soft shaking percussion and claps effortlessly slides into the captivating vocal and drop, laced with dramatic piano notes and an organic synth. This track’s progressive pace makes it one of the stand out sounds from the EP for me.

In summary, ‘All Blue’ shows exactly what Halogenix is about – Pure soulful vibes, a hint of introspection and pinches of bouncy club-fit sounds. This is an essential for any head, whether its just for private listening or dropping in the dance.

The physical release is already sold out on the Metalheadz webstore, so head to your favourite retailer to grab your own. Alternatively, this phenomenal EP is available on WAV and MP3 format for the ‘Headz webstore and all good retailers.

Image Credit: Chelone Wolf Photography

Halogenix: Soundcloud / Facebook

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