Giggs @ WHP – 13th Oct

We’re rocking up to WHP again this year for a few events, and the first of them is Giggs on the 13th of October. Giggs is the governor. Arguably the single most influential figure to the new generation of UK Rap, when he first burst onto the scene in 2010, he was something of an outlier. With his bars slowed down to a funeral tempo while rappers around him competed to rap faster and faster, Giggs pointed to an entirely new style in British MC culture, one that years on has been imitated time and again.

Then Landlord hit top-40. Giggs is now at the pinnacle of his career; performing the songs he wants to make with zero compromise, and amending sets to fit the fans. He’s been noted for his great A&R skills, with Youngs Teflon, Aystar, 67 and Donae’o all delivering strong performances alongside him over the last couple of years; whoever he brings on to a line up is guaranteed certified.

Last year we saw Skepta curate his own event at WHP, bringing together a line-up of what he thought was best for WHP, and obviously it went in. Lots has changed since then though. Rap has come dangerously close to equating grime in popularity in the UK. Giggs was on Drakes new album a few times, he dropped Landlord – arguably this year’s Konnichiwa, Skepta’s possibly gone off the rails, so basically Warehouse have kept their underground night perfect with the most relevant artist of the time.

Other reasons besides the relevance of the event’s curator why it will bang:

Devlin will always be one of the all-time old school MCs, even if ‘The Devlin In’ was a bit past its time.

Nadia Rose shells it down everywhere she goes without fail (Bestival interview forthcoming)

Giggs drops a new mixtape this Friday (Wamp 2 Dem) so we’ve got new material on top of the certified

Chimpo, whilst not always my cup of tea, is a living legend in 0161, so the crowd’s gonna be lit

None of the present MCs are going to go Bugzy and tense topless and scru for the whole set

If that isn’t enough, one spin of Oneman’s badboy warm-up WHP set will get you in gear for it…

It’s that time of year again; winter’s drawing in, we have to move from cider in plastic cups in three hours of sun into the dark, laser-lit warehouses and clubs that we’re really much more comfortable in.

Cop your tickets here, but be quick they’re on last release.

Any heads going let us know! Always good to link with the family.