Geode – UKF #79

I’ve seen man like Geode¬†destroy several dances, both at festivals and in town, so when handed a new Geode mix I know its not going to disappoint. The story hasn’t changed, still serving the absolute finest selection of underground dubstep with subtle rifts of garage perfectly infused together. If you listen to this and want to hear more i’ve popped a couple of other links worth checking at the bottom. No Lie. All Fire.

“UKF recruited Geode for their 79th podcast, who goes in with a wicked selection of some of the finest in underground dubstep, featuring music from himself, Icicle, Sorrow, Commodo and heaps more.”

Geode – Portal
Facta – 36th Chamber
Geode – Accomplice
Jafu & B9 – Causes
James Fox – Put it Back
Geode – Lest we Forget
Trashbat – Vibes FM
Joss Ryan – Digital Love
Silkie – Tribal
Jafu – Pivot
Icicle – Redemption
Geode – Comino Voyage
Thelem – Haunted Harmonics
Clicks & Whistles – Neva Get Caught
Sorrow – Iscariot
Congi & Jafu – December
M.I.K – Ice Rink (Signus Remix)
Facta & K-LONE – Voodoo
Asiah & FLO – Dance of 1977
Commodo – Earl 1.6
Sorrow – Voynich
Objekt – The Goose that Got Away

Check these for more ūüėČ