FD – All Yours EP Review

FD brings vibes a-plenty to his latest EP, vibes that stay true to not just his sound but Sun & Bass’ unique scope too. An experience of old school breaks in their best form, ‘All Yours EP’ delivers a contemplative punch of funky musicality and heavy bass durability in equal weight.

To kick the EP off, FD sets the tone with ‘All Yours’, a pad and piano heavy repetitive track. Let my use of the word ‘repetitive’ not put you off however. FD very cleverly uses this piano in chords as a intriguing hook. It is not ever present, yet still takes centre stage to be the fore of the track behind complementing pad synths and a stellar in-your-face sub, not to mention ebbing reverberating piano tails. 
Keep an eye out for the crisp, rising piano arpeggio after a distorted guitar lick; these two elements glue all musical elements together in an outstanding fashion.

As quiet as a mouse, the collaboration with Ryck ’Second Villain’ slowly creeps in from a whisper of hats above a mysterious granulated pad. Growing and evolving, this track morphs from a seemingly innocent and subtle intro into fierce cold murder, with help from not just a filtered, jungle old school break but a violent, distorted bass that seemingly pummels your chest. This is before the drop; a clear cut sign this drop is gonna be a goodie.
Suddenly, almost as quickly as the magnificent delayed vocal sample came, it vanishes to give way to a jungle inspired renegade break accompanied by this slam of bass. This is definitely the main focus of the track and boy, is it a good’un. A track seemingly designed to move feet of the dance floor, it however delves deeper than just a heavy stomper. With clear influences of jungle as well as Drum & Bass in ‘Second Villain’, this track is an ode to the old school; an era where jungle could deliver pure vibes.

And finally to ‘Wah Wah Track’. Now this is my favourite of the EP hands down; 10 back to back rewinds to myself while holding a one man rave speaks for itself.
Again crescendoing toward a rolling break, ‘Wah Was Track’ rises from the silence to happy, sunny vibes aplenty with soul ad-lib vocal samples and major key synths and strings. The evocation in the listener’s mind’s eye is most definitely of a beach DnB rave. Liquid to the core, this track is awash with musicality going hand in hand with a stonking heavy break with some 808 samples in there to boot.
With these elements fitting like a hand in a glove, the final track of this EP proves FD really is a master of creating true musicality through the medium of Drum & Bass.

This EP proves to be a hot one and a sound of the summer! Cop it here: