Exposure Tubepicks

We’re in Bristol this time for Tubepicks and who better to reveal their YouTube habits to us than Exposure, the head honcho of AR Music.  His latest EP Light & Dark came out on AR Music at the end of 2019.  You can hear a track from it in his tubepicks in fact.  Check out the rest of his list below. . . Soun

1. Exposure & Phaction feat Mark Douglas – ‘Elements’ (official music video)  – 

I couldn’t have a top 5 Youtube videos without promoting my latest track – James Millington has done a few films for me now and has absolutely smashed it with this one.

2. Orbit – A Journey round Earth in real time

This is awesome in the true sense of the word. It helps to put things in perspective. The soundtrack is by Phaeleh which is equally as incredible.

3. Listen to this every day, it’ll change your life (Earl Nightingale) 

If I’m ever in need of a pick me up or lacking motivation (it doesn’t happen very often) I’ll watch this.

4. Neil Gaman – “Make good art”

On the same flex, this guy’s speech reminds you of the importance of following your passions. “If you have an idea of what you want to make and what you were put here to do, just go and do that.” Often being a self-employed artist can be really hard and you can face many challenges, but creativity plays such an important part of life, so we must do it, no matter what.

5. Andy C & GQ @ Rescued, Brisbane 2011 

This was my night in Brisbane. Still to this day one of the best crowds I’ve ever seen at a Drum and Bass night. One of Andy’s last sets on vinyl, too – it was epic. He’s always been a massive inspiration to me as a DJ. His skills on the decks are out of this world and his work rate is just mind blowing, reminds me there really isn’t a limit to what you can achieve, only your own beliefs.