EQ50 launched in 2018, an initiative kick started by Indra Khera (Mantra) and Natalie Wright (DJ Flight), alongside organising members Natasha Harber (Sweetpea), MC Chickaboo and Alicia Bauer (Alley Cat).

The team at EQ50 have an incredible combined set of skills, experience and contacts, that they are sharing for the greater good of our industry; by empowering and representing the talented womxn of the Drum and Bass world, and kick starting a movement to make the music we love more vibrant, varied and veracious.

EQ50 has fast become a safe place to nurture your talent as a womxn Producer, with the question not: ‘Who are you?’ but ‘Who can you be?’

These past months as the industry has been sleeping, the unrelenting womxn at EQ50 have been putting the finishing touches on what is set to be their most ambitious project to date.

At 11am today EQ50 begin the search for 5 womxn Producers to join their 12 month mentorship programme; a programme that will give the talented group not only access to an EQ50 affiliated mentor, but also a placement with one of 5 incredible partner record labels: Critical Music, Function records, Ram records, Shogun Audio or V recordings.

Full flyer:

An incredible opportunity to have mentorship and guidance from some of the best in the Business, and even if you don’t make the final 5, make sure to keep an eye out for EQ50 workshops and webinars, and don’t be afraid to reach out to other womxn and ask for guidance, you never know where it may take you!

Don’t forget to check www.eq50.co.uk for full details and to apply!