Choice Cuts: September

I’m back with some choice cuts for the month of September. Heading towards autumn now! It’s a busy time for the world of drums and basses. You got Outlook and Sun and Bass and all that jazz and everyone’s back from playing festivals with some new weapons to drop on you.



Metalheadz has been busy this month as ever and they’ve dropped two new bits that are well worth a gander, mate. Adred has brought some heat fresh out of New York. Good to see some people repping the music in New York and Adred has got some belting tracks on this EP.




AS well as that Andyskopes dropped some belting new stuff on an EP of his own. He’s always bringing the drums so if you’re into that you’ll like this one.




Fyfe:One just hit us with a new Ep for London’s own Diffrent Music as well. Featuring some great collaborations with Diffrent Music regulars like Hyroglifics, Lakeway and this one in particular with Sense MC tickled my fancy.




The Arizona based crazy beats label, Free Love Digi has dropped some new music from the label’s owner, Quentin Hiatus as well as from Moralz. Check them out in the playlist.




Final addition to the playlist this month is Love Hz from Kachina. I like it a lot.