Bidl – Downers / Deep Learning Remix (Cyberfunk)

After winning Overview’s remix competition last year, Bidl makes another 140 appearance on a drum and bass focused label with his single on Cyberfunk. Two futuristic dubstep slappers with flawless, weighty production, making Bidl a name to keep an ear out for in the next year. 

Downers has bright and euphoric synths that contrast the pulsating and roaring bass, keeping you entertained with its musical filth. The second drop builds up tension before plunging you into chaos as the pace of the drums picks up and the bass comes into full swing. 

On the flip is his moody and slightly worrying remix of Deep Learning by cømpiler. Lurking in the swamps, the remix oozes tension with its eerie low-end and grotty bursts of fizzy bass. Despite all of the darkness, it maintains composure with a dubby flute and subtle hand drums that keep the momentum going. 

As Bidl begins to gain more recognition, it’s clear why. His skillfully engineered productions are humanised by the rawness of the sounds in his palette. With his 2021 releases beginning to take shape, it’d be unwise to take your eye off Bidl in the future. 

Downers / Deep Learning (Remix) is out now on Cyberfunk.