A Talk with Ulterior Motive – You’re Next/Music City

Ulterior Motive’s latest 12”, headed up with the dancefloor approved ‘You’re Next’ and the super funky ‘Music City’ on flip, has dropped. We thought this was the perfect time to catch up with the duo, talk the release and dig a little deeper.

First off, we really like the tunes and the diversity between them – they’re both different and unique in their own way. Was there a certain way you wanted them to bounce off each other or for the listener to relate to them?

There isn’t really an overall concept for the 12”, it’s hard to try anything like that with just two tracks. The single really just showcases the lighter and darker funk sides of Ulterior Motive.

Has the process of making your debut album changed the way you approach a project or work together?

We still write in the same way as we did with the album and it works well. Working separately and then coming together to finalise ideas is the best way to keep the workflow up and ideas fresh.

If you had to choose one tune or moment that made you want to start producing, when or what would it be?

Hearing something like To Shape the Future for the first time was pretty life changing.


What reaction have you had from fans and fellow DJs on the tracks?

The response has been good. Most people seem to dig Music City – guess it’s a little different to everything we’ve done, so it’s unexpected.

Have you been keeping them to yourselves for a while and playing them out in your sets or sharing the love?

A few people have had them for a while, it was due to be out in April but as with a lot of releases it was pushed back because of the whole RSD fiasco. We’re pretty good at sharing our tunes with our nearest and dearest.

Apart from drum and bass, what are you listening to at the moment?

The new Hudson Mohawke album is excellent and we’re still listening to Run the Jewels – RTJ 2 a lot. There’s just so much good music around at the moment it’s hard to take it all in.

Favourite tune(s) of all time?

Ed Rush and Optical – Compound

Konflict – Roadblock

Rob and Goldie – Shadow (Process Mix)

The You’re Next/Music City 12” is out now. Cop yours from the Metalheadz Store on vinyl and digital or your favourite record shop.