Mikal Ft. Nymfo & Riot – Where They At EP (Metalheadz)

One of best known labels in the dnb scene, Metalheadz, has just dropped their first EP of the year today and they have let the Mikal kick off proceedings who in turn has teamed up with Nymfo and RIOT to join the party. Between them they have had releases on Symmetry, Commercial Suicide,Utopia, Dispatch, C.I.A., Critical, Samurai and many more! With such an impressive portfolio behind them, you know something good is about to touch down.

So about the A Side ‘Where They At”
This is a solo production from the Mikal. Lovers of the darker side of dnb will like the sinister feel to the track that makes you want to look over your shoulder when the rusta vocals ask ‘Where they at?!” This is a hard stepping track with a dub vibe underlying it that just makes you want to screw face and turn up the sound system up.An excellently crafted dark minimal break track.

On the flip B1 ‘The Chosen”
Mikal and Nymfo are collaborating on this one, and just like first; the whole vibe of the EP is dark. This is most rolling track on the EP but it still focuses
on the hard breaks. This has a very cinematic evil break down that probably sounds like how your worst nightmare would sound like in vinyl form. I have to say this is my favourite from the EP.

On the same side B2 ‘Control Of People’
I don’t think I’m not going to sleep tonight, and if i do i will be dreaming about machines controlling me just like the vocal tells you in once again another sinister intro. Mikal and RIOT collab on the last track of the EP. This one has
a much more slowed down beat, even marching, robotic vibe to it just like the male sampled sounding vocal. It is predominately driven by the serious low end sub action.

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Props to Metalheadz on this release and a big thanks to Mikal and friends for giving me nightmares tonight.