Coppa Presents: Defcon 1

Coppa delivers an EP to savour in the form of ‘Defcon 1’. A four track EP via Berlin label, Subsistenz, that sets a very high standard of production and musicality. Subsistenz continues to release heavy artillery, time after time.

Coppa and Aggressor Bunx – ‘Bear fight’
A chilled but gritty stepper, combining tight drums and a growling mid-range slasher that gate-crashes every other bar. I love the simple, techy riff on the intro’ and breakdown and Coppa’s bars lift the whole piece to give real personality. I feel sorry for that cat!

Coppa and Current Value – ‘Calling you
Superb Rasta vibes from Coppa here! The drop on this one detonates to full effect and sets the mood for the rest of the track. Tough and full of detuned bass booty! A real narly one!

Coppa and L33 – ‘Black Op’s’

What a cut!! The snare alone will leave exit wounds across every arena that is subjected to it!
Coppa and L33 bring a synergy to this one that is just top class! Coppa, again brings rhymes full of style! Tech at its finest!

Coppa and Machine Code – ‘Thunder and Lightening’
Lots of atmosfear and sinister sound design create a very edgy and accomplished tune. Coppa bangs the Viking drum with venom!

You will definitely need this next link! Buy this brilliant EP and rinse it to the max!

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