Yagga // Video & Visual

I’m Yara AKA Yagga and I love drum and bass ☺

I have been blessed to grow up surrounded by DJs, producers and various creative artists involved the London Underground music scene.

When jungle and drum and bass first came alive I fell in love from the start.

I’m a massive bass head, love spreading positive vibes and dig the dark and deep tribal percussion.

It’s been great connecting with the In-Reach crew because it’s a platform where I can apply my photography, filming and interview skills with the music that I am most passionate about.

I’m all about capturing the positive vibes and interactions between ravers and artists at an event or club night.

I love communicating, sharing knowledge and find it very inspiring when interviewing DJS, artists & producers and hearing all about the personal journeys.

As well as loving all forms of creative expression. I am a big lover of nature and travelling. I love exploring and have lived with tribal cultures in the jungle. I seek out indigenous wisdom, teach survival skills, love playing the didgeridoo and proudly hug trees whenever possible. For me, dancing with positive people is like an urban tribal ritual and a powerful exchange of energy that brings people together. Raving releases that feeling of ‘living in the moment’ and is cheap therapy if ever I feel pressures of the rat race. Music is a language we all speak and I believe a revolution without music & dance is a revolution not worth having 😉

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