Hey there, I’m Hanna. I write here at In-Reach. Bit of a genre blender – I’m into a few different veins of 170 music; half-time, jungle, autonomic and beyond into footwork, juke, glitch, hip hop and trap; but strictly speaking, my tastes centre around the left field and deeper sides of drum & bass music.

After a long devotion to punk and hardcore in my formative years; I fell in love with electronic music around 2010 after moving to Brighton, home to a thriving scene for drum & bass. Waking one morning to hear the crackle of vinyl and ‘Melanie’ by Alix Perez being spun by my friend on his battered turntables in our student house; this opened my mind to the capacity for soul and authenticity in electronic forms of music which until that point I had been unaware of.

From there, Drum & Bass was like a drug – I started to flesh out my knowledge like an obsessed scholar in the technical, experimental and deeper side of the genre; reaching as many nights as possible, souvenirs of posters stolen from lamp posts (post-event of course) plastered my walls as heavy bass reverberated out from my bedroom (much to the dismay of my fashionably deep house loving roomies).

I can’t put my finger on exactly what captured my imagination, as there are so many things to mention – The energy, the sense of family, the darkness, the honeymoon of ecstasy and abandon.. But, I maintain that what struck me about the genre and culture as a whole is the translation of that underdog, punk rock ethic into this essentially British sound. Drum & Bass doesn’t try to be cool, glamorous or jump on any real bandwagon – It just is; powerful and constant, released from the whirlpool of fads or panic from a troubled industry.

It’s all about love at the end of the day, and that’s why I write about it.