Who the **** is DAYLE?!

Flexout have recently released the 7th volume of their waves series. The 3 track halftime EP is from an artist nobody has ever heard of, so we speak to the mysterious man of the moment DAYLE and ask him what he’s all about…

1.Who are you?!

I’m Dayle and I create beats under my alias called….Dayle! I’m currently living in the Netherlands and I’m 20 years old.

2.Whats the music scene like in Holland?

It’s really cool, there are a lot of crazy producers here! The funny thing is that a lot of these producers are coming from Groningen. It’s also not hard to connect with each other,you can easily go out for some beers together, make music or share knowledge etc.

3.How would you describe your music?

I don’t want to call it halftime but I would say a mix between hip/hop and halftime for now.

4.Whats your 5 favourite halftime tracks?


  1. Moody Good – Witness The Fuxness
  2. Onra – Voices In My head
  3. Baumeister – AbstractEdit1990 (Subp Yao Remix)
  4. Two Fingers – Cashew Riddim
  5. Commodo – Good Grief



5.You’ve just done the latest Flexout podcast, where can people see you DJ?

Thanks yes, you can download that mix here if you haven’t heard it yet:

I’ve just played at Noisia’s own event @machtig in Groningen which was really cool. The next one is June 24 @Jera On Air festival.

6.Talk us through the tracks on your Flexout EP?


This track is the first halftime beat I’ve made, it was just meant to be a bit of a laugh. At that time I wasn’t really into the beats movements as I am right now. After I/D got played on a Noisia radio episode I got an immediate message from Flexout Audio asking if I was in for a release, so that’s how this EP was born.



This track is a bit sample based, something that I usually don’t do that much. I was inspired at the time when I was watching a sampling documentary on television, after a jam -“Uv was created.


U Do With:

In this beat I used a drumbeat that I made once and a recording from the Virus synth that was longer then 1.5 hours with only bleeps in it. I just found some bleeps in that recording and shortly after that the biggest part of the tune was already there.


6.What are your future plans for your music? Is there any other labels you would like to release on other than Flexout?

I actually don’t know yet, there are so many nice labels around currently so I guess I’ll just see what’s coming on my path.