Virus – 15th Birthday – Cable London
[dropcap]I wasn’t[/dropcap] even sure if I knew what I was getting myself into when we made our journey to Cable on Friday……. Damn what a jam packed night Virus Recordings put on, Start to finish Non stop Drum and Bass onslaught. Ed Rush & Optical – Audio – Optiv B2B BTK all drove the night home for me, every tune sent the crowd wild, people sweating from head to toe (myself included :P)

Cable London had to open up the third room on the night, due to high demand – Relay in the 3rd room with the likes of Bailey highlighting! It was definitely the right choice to extend the dance coz the place was literally road block! Either way both Cable and Virus held it, everyone I spoke to had an awesome night and a well deserved release after a hard week of grafting! Skankin out to some filthy Drum n Bass is just necessary these days 🙂

Here’s the video and photos from the night – and more can be found on our Flickr page InReachCo