Various Artists – Northern Lights EP – Nexgen Music

I was pleasantly surprised after I listened to this EP; Jazz, Blues and Soul mixed into Drum and Bass is something I love to hear and these artists signed to Nexgen Music really have pulled out all the stops with this fantastic EP. Nexgen Music has over a decade of history within the music industry providing a mixture of live, vocal and diverse electronic music from 30+ producers right across the globe. The Label is dedicated to bringing forth a wide variety of different styles such as Downtempo, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Chill-Out, Nu-Jazz, Future Jazz, Experimental, Deep House, and Electronica.

“NexGen Music is an artist-centric brand committed to creating a forward-looking, inclusive and multi-faceted musical community. Its personalized service includes worldwide distribution, promotion and marketing, alongside top-quality production services and one-on-one industry consultations. The label fosters a philosophy of artistic growth, collaboration and experimentation, uniting promising new talent with established industry musical magicians.”

Check out Nexgen Music’s podcast, Some seriously chilled vibes on this –

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Track 1- FAIBLE Feat. IRIANN JOYCE – ‘Northern Lights’

Track 2- CLART & MSDOS – ‘Disco Inferno’ – (D.A’s Rework)

Track 3- PHYSICAL & CRIMEA – ‘Something About Love’

Track 4- REBORN – ‘Mario In Computer Hell’


Nexgen Music Website

Nexgen Music Soundcloud

Faible Soundcloud

mSdoS Soundcloud

Physical Illusion Soundcloud

Sunny Crimea Soundcloud

DJ Clart Soundcloud

Reborn DnB Soundcloud