V Recordings Podcast – Mr Joseph

Operating out of London, Mr Joseph has been a big follower and contributor in the drum and bass scene since the early 90’s, organising raves and parties throughout the capital. Founder and resident DJ at Fizzy, the last 6 years have been very successful. The night has grown in popularity with headline DJ’s on the bill at each event. Enthusiastic to further explore the possibilities, Mr Joseph created his own label, Fizzy Beats, in 2008. This new venture saw the launch of his production career. His first release on Fizzy Beats entitled ‘Sexy Lady’, followed by ‘So High’ and ‘Beautiful Girl’, got massive support from DJ’s such as Bailey, Fabio and Grooverider, Marcus Intalex and LTJ Bukem. Also recognised by labels. Mr Joseph’s tracks got signed to Good Looking, V Records, Totaal Rez and Influence Records. 2009 saw Mr Joseph win the Sun and Bass DJ competition in Sardinia, Italy, and he also appeared several times on Drum and Bass Arena TV. Early 2011 Mr Joseph’s first album, ‘What a Lovely Time It Was’, was debuted with Telluric Records. In the same month, an EP on the legendary V Records was released, letting Mr Joseph make his way onto the center stage. This EP entitled ‘Danger Room’ Showcases Mr Joseph’s versatility. With 5 tracks covering the full spectrum of drum and bass there is sure to be something for everyone. Also Mr Joseph can be heard twice a month on Bassdrive.com, presenting a biweekly radio show, playing all his favourite tunes. Before 2012 Mr Joseph will release his second EP, ‘Playing Love Games’, and with the ongoing support of all the major labels and people in the scene, and furthermore with gigs both in the UK and abroad, we are sure to hear a lot more of Mr Joseph.

Here’s a wicked ‘V Recordings’ podcast from London’s Mr Joseph! Enjoy!

Download Link:-  http://dnbshare.com/download/V_Recordings_podcast_ft._Mr._Joseph.mp3.html

(Tracklist will be added soon peeps)