UKG by Ewan Spencer

UKG is a project by photographer Ewan Spencer documenting the rise and fall of the UK garage scene through his eyes. Famed for his images of urban life, he successfully captured a subculture which is currently going through a massive revival and shows those of us who were too young to experience it first time round just what the original scene was all about. From the music through to the fashion right down to what they used to drink, his attention to detail is what binds his images, making it clear as to why Garage is making a come back.

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After the success of the book and the exhibition, Ewan spencer has presented this video short which goes hand in hand with the rest of the project. Featuring interviews with many of the scene’s greats, this is one video  you don’t want to miss.

You can check out more of Ewan work here  and if you got enough pesos to spare you can buy the book here