Tubepicks: Dominic Ridgeway

Dominic Ridgeway has been on my producer radar since he released a single on London’s Diffrent back in 2013. He’s deployed a number of releases on underground imprints since then including Absys, Lifestyle, Free Love Digi and most recently none60, which was today (22nd February 2019).  I bothered him to give me his top 5 YouTube videos, which are now gathered here for your viewing pleasure. Why not also check out his latest work on none60 before you get stuck into the tubepicks.



Lowkey – Fire in the booth


Always been a big fan of uk hip-hop and lowkey in his day was untouchable i reckon! Could have put the Devlin fire in the booth instead of this but i think lowkey kind of takes it. I must have watched this thousands of times. I think he has just put out an album or is about to. His flow is just out of hand…



Richie Hawtin Documentary


Richie Hawtin is definitely one of my heroes, just love his ethos towards what he does and the futurism. He’s had a profound impact on how i see things. Im more of a fan of the ethos rather than his music directly. The DE9 Album/comp is amazing though. The video tracks his life and progression and is just really inspirational


Skepta red bull lecture 2015


Again find this video really inspirational. Always been a big fan of grime from school days and its good to see people like skepta in the position they are in now. This video is from 2015 just after i started my label Regression Media and got alot from this video and found it inspiring. Shame he is losing the plot a bit now .lol


Queen at Live Aid


This is just epic! theres not a full video of the whole thing but if there was it would be here instead. The whole thing just looks mad and arguably one of the best live performances ever? But i’m sure thats debatable. Phil Collins and Elton John are ones to watch from Live aid as well.


Old man kicked in the face


just watch it… 2.20