Tubepicks: Askel

Askel just released a belting new single on none60. Featuring some great upright bass action and all round good vibes. What a perfect time to catch up with the Finnish producer and find out what he’s been watching on YouTube.



Vesicle – Askel / 

One of the most gorgeous Finnish dubstep tunes ever, released in 2010. I wonder what happened to the Vesicle guys? This tune is also one of the reasons I picked Askel as my artist name (it’s one of my favourite words in the Finnish language as well, we don’t have many that end in an L).

Pizzagate – Boiler Room Moments /

The Boiler Room Moments is a collection of hilarious and/or amazing moments from Boiler Room events. My fave is this very exclusive Pizza x James Blake edit of Mala’s Changes.

Binging with Babish: Pasta Aglio e Olio from “Chef” / 

Speaking of food… I don’t regularly follow a lot of YouTube channels, but Binging with Babish is one whose episodes I look forward to every week. This dish has become one of my go-tos after a long week; it’s super quick, easy and cheap to make but tastes expensive.

Shigeto – Ringleader (Live on KEXP) / 

I’m a big fan of incorporating organic/acoustic elements in electronic tunes, and Shigeto is one of the best out there at doing it. I also play the drums myself which makes this even more interesting for me.

Sauli Niinistö – Finland President Man Is Disappoint / 

The Finnish meme culture is weird and wonderful – here’s one of my all time favourite examples. Also quite topical… “Next time vote better.”


Askel Soundcloud 

none60 Soundcloud