The Rum Baba – Strike EP

Something landed in my inbox the other day that was slightly out of the ordinary. Introducing Aluminium Shiny Shin Side Shack Out Music; a brand new Manchester based imprint. The digital label is coined by MCR artist among many other things, Mernywernz.

“I’ve started the label because I’m trying to tie everything I do together. I want to make a 360 degree experience with parties, music, podcast, art, t-shirts and all that kind of stuff. If you listen to my podcast, I just throw all tunes in there that I like and I want the label to be just like that.”

Aluminium Shiny Shin Side Shack Out #10 – Rodders Special Day Selecta Edition by Mernywernz on Mixcloud


The label’s debut release comes in the form of The Rum Baba with Strike EP. This lively five tracker is thrown together as a wild assortment of flavours and sounds, hopscotching between Jamaica and the UK in an energetic eruption that’s sure to appeal to discerning experimental palates. I could be late to the party here, but the mysterious producer dubs her futuristic sensibility as ’Tropical Bass’, translated on Strike EP as a slew of condensed Caribbean sounds and driving bass.

At points cinematic, Strike is progressively orchestrated in a jerky meld of pounding dancehall, distorted steel, dubby synths, crunching mids and swelling sub-low – All at 170 BPM. The experimental EP really seizes my attention with first two tracks, ‘Meatallic’ and ‘Boom’; a fusion of dub, tribal percussion and big, bad brass. The remainder of Strike continues on its non-linear journey of off-kilter crossover bass noise that I’d say is definitely worth the listen.

With close ties to the thriving Manchester scene, Aluminium Shiny Shin Side Shack Out Music have an event planned for the end of August with Skittles, Chimpo and more to be announced, so eyes peeled for that.

Buy Strike EP from Juno.

Label: Soundcloud / Mixcloud

The Rum Baba: Soundcloud

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