Tephra & Arkoze – Delirium EP

Tephra & Arkoze bring the emotion, energy and ecstasy synonymous with the title of their new EP on Peer Pressure Records.

Hearing new Peer Pressure dubs in the inbox has been missing from my life this past year. The press release addresses this – “life got in the way but we are back on it; enjoy the music”. A refreshing viewpoint that hint to exiting plans being formed at PPR headquarters, secret meetings with delicious ales, meats and beats.

Feelings gets straight down to business, 32 bars of atmospherics, degraded strings and breaks leads us in. The music is titled well, bass brooding under the surface, exogenous percussion placed just out of reach of the listener, vibe elements that create momentum and a robust sense of place all culminate to represent the feelings of the modern individual.

Keep Hope Alive, a subtle nod to rave culture is something we need right now. Being reminded of the unity demonstrated in the re-opening of Fabric and the support the true heads showed for positive change, was simply amazing. In a time of political and economic turbulence we need firm foundations. Keep Hope Alive promotes this cause and calls for action – use your vote.

Delirious is the personal favourite on the EP. High pitched delayed female vocals are my kryptonite, throwing me back to my youth and simultaneously launching us into the future. The arrangement contrasts nicely with Feelings taking a more pensive route giving the narrative of growth, development and change. The contradictory act of pitching a modern day ‘90s tune is a fitting end to the EP.

The art for the EP is well considered and signals the conclusion, the opposing black and grey lines juxtaposed over arrowhead style shapes creates momentum. The use of contrast in the musical and rhythmic elements presses us for an emotive reaction, the nostalgia is well placed and meaningful. Every track on the Delirium EP works together creating an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.

If that isn’t enough, Tephra & Arkoze have hand crafted a mix for In-Reach to celebrate the release on PPR. Interesting music, spanning a range of vibes, whilst retaining their individual style… Check it out below! Big love.

Review by Matt Chapman

Twitter: @wreckless_dnb