Technicolour / Tobax, The Harp EP

After huge demand for a vinyl release of Technicolour’s ”The Harp Tune”, Technicolour and Tobax feature on the latest release of the Expressions series by Fokuz Recordings- The Harp EP. An essential if your into the more smoother laid back sounds of Drum and Bass. Technicolour’s known for his melodic, smooth Drum and Bass with inspiration from jazz, soul, ambient and a range of other chilled genre’s of music. The Harp Tune really reflects his musical interests and it’s nice to see he’s still doing a bit of solo work  🙂

Some of you will already know that Technicolour partnered up with Komatic in 2008 to release music under the alias ‘Technimatic’ with releases on labels such as Technique Recordings, Critical Music and most recently SGN:LTD, they’ve had huge success with a fantastic response to their releases. If you like ‘The harp tune’ and your not familiar with Technimatic then PLEASE do check them out, Their music is fantastic! Technimatic


Something I didn’t expect was the flip side, young producer Tobax has created a beautifully deep atmospheric track named ‘Leaving’, he’s relatively new to the Drum and Bass scene and hails from Russia. Alexei Strokov (Alex Tobax) begun his career  in 2007 when he mastered some of the simpler programs for writing music. Fortunately he took on a more serious approach and soon Tobax had released his first record on the label DUBLATE TERRA DIGITAL under the name Electronic Star. This found him his name amongst the music industry and with a more professional attitude on his music Tobax found recognition amongst some of the big players in the Drum and Bass Community.


To preview Tobax’s track ‘Leaving’ follow the link HERE and double click on the B-side 🙂

Get your 12″Vinyl of The Harp EP Here




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