Supreme 'Cherry' Skateboards

It’s kinda nuts to think that a twenty year old skate brand is yet to release a skate video… Anyway, the wait is over because the Supreme Team have stepped up to the mark with their new bit entitled ‘Cherry’ definitely suited as it’s their first full-length feature (Popped your cherry in style yo!), but by no means does it look like a first time effort. The quality of talent’s involved are unprecedented in both filming and riding.

A skate video should aim to show the whole scope of satisfaction you get while skateboarding, from the day to day pissing about (mischief central) in the street catching tricks, to the more serious filming/slugging it out to pull off the final line in your section. Coming from a skateboarding background myself I know what I like to see and Supreme definitely delivers.

Get a taste of the action n peep the trailer! #boss

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