Spoils – Bad things Krakota Remix, Love Sick Recordings,

New label Lovesick Recordings is becoming a record label and brand to follow, already hosting a radio show several times per week on US station iHeartRadio and their own room in one of the biggest and best known Drum and Bass events; Hospitality. They must be doing something right! The three UK lads hailing from Brighton; Marchmellow, Riskotheque and the Southbound Hangers set up Love Sick Recordings with the aim of bringing out music that not only fitted the dancefloor as well as at home, but has a more emotional and melodic sound to it. ‘The Love Sick alliance pay tribute to deep house, techno and oldschool garage to create a fresh sound that will appeal to a wide range of educated music lovers’.


With a handful of releases under their belt the release of Bad things by Spoils is set to get the ball rolling with a forthcoming Remix from well known Drum and Bass producer Krakota who brings forward a fantastic timeless Drum and Bass interpretation of the track.


23 year old Sebastian (Krakota) is a Drum and Bass producer and Dj from Bournemouth with releases on Critical Music, Ingredients Records, C.I.A Records, True Playaz, Integral and Hospital Records. He has fast become a known name for Drum and Bass enthusiasts and proceeds to create brilliant new music that is far from your average sound. With a string of releases on the shelves he’s a producer of fantastic quality tunes with an edge and is definitely one of my favourites!

Here’s a back catalogue of Krakota’s releases, well worth a listen if your not already familiar with him.

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