Soul:R – Four Fit EP Part 2

After much anticipation, the second instalment of the Four Fit series landed on soul:r last week. With an immense back catalogue of releases from the likes of Marcus Intalex, ST Files, Calibre, D bridge, Break and a whole host of other prominent artists, there is a lot to live up to. The featured artists; LSB, FD, Anile and Kid Drama have certainly not disappointed and are some that we’re really excited about at the moment over here at in-reach. 

LSB seems to have caught fire as of late and is churning out some real soulful bass lines, which is exactly what he has given us with the A side ‘Leave’. The strings on the intro have left me desperately searching for adjectives worthy of their description. It brings a real “eyes closed one finger solute” moment when they creep into the mix inside the dance, which brings us back to the days where the intros really mattered. We then get a straight shot to the chest from the strong, rolling bass line coupled with the simple but oh so effective drum break, all topped off with the prefect vocal sample. As you can probably tell by now, I really like this tune (understatement of the year) and cannot wait to get my hands on whatever LSB has install for us next.

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Now let’s switch things around a bit with the darker vibe on FD’s ‘Ice 690’. The intro eases us in with some weighty percussion as the pace slowly builds. Then in comes the deep growling bass line, which seems to evolve into something altogether funkier as the tune progresses. The quick but heavy drums round off the tune making it a real dance floor killer that definitely feels at home on a heavy system. FD also caught our attention recently with his beautifully smooth collaboration with Lenzman; ‘Joanie’s theme’ on the long awaited ‘Platinum Breakz 4’. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him in the near future.

The next track is brought to us by Anile, who seems to have slipped under the radar a little for me until recently, but he has well and truly left his mark with this straight up riddim. ‘Depths’ comes in with a real musical intro comprised of some elegant keys set over an atmospheric backdrop of gentle clicking drums and something that makes me feel like I’m lying on a beach under a starry night sky ☺. The drop is both rough and smooth creating a diverse tune that pleases everyone from the beard strokers to the hardest of skankers. As well as the studio, Anile also seems to be well at home behind the decks as I witnessed during his set in room 2 at fabric on June 6th. I have to say the red bulls were losing their effect and I was just about ready to fall asleep on one of those incredibly comfy couches, when I was forced to my feet by some rough and raw mixing that had me steppin’ out for another hour.  

Taking the levels down for the final track is Kid Drama, a.k.a Instra:Mental, with his thought provoking track, ‘What used to be’. Not something I’d personally draw for in the mix but certainly one to play on the speakers on a chill out vibe. The deep penetrating bass kicks and soft keys make for a perfect wind down tune for those late night chill sessions. The release of Damon’s first EP under his Kid Drama alias at the tail end of last year, on the mighty exit records, was widely well received and displays a refreshing and quite unique style of Drum and Bass.

All in all this is a piece of wax that everyone should have in the bag! 

Get your copy here.