Fishermen album 'Patterns & Paths' – Skudge Records

Fishermen are going to release an album on the mighty Skudge records. The album is 100% techno but at a slower tempo compared to other artists. The album is to be released in December and is called Patterns & Paths. The pair said they had “named the album Patterns And Paths because we want to take the listener on a journey to sea – in submarines, on sinking ships and haunted islands in the Pacific.”



1. Greenhorn
2. Hope is Gone
3. Serpents
4. Get None
5. Dyspnea
6. Lost Teeth
7. The Four Skulls
8. Rise
9. Scurvy
10. In Solitude
11. Sunken Mosque
12. Torments

Here is an EP they first released on Skudge, clips of the new album are not yet available.