Skeptical | ‘Enjoy This Trip’ LP (EXITLP018)

Skeptical returns to Exit Records for the release of his first LP, Enjoy This Trip. The highly anticipated album consists of 12 expertly crafted tracks, alongside a 10-inch containing two further exclusive releases. Recently touring the US and Canada, Skeptical & SP:MC (aka Ashley Tindall & Stuart Procter) have been promoting the record, which hosts a satisfying blend of drum and bass, half-time and dubstep.

Amassing a slew of flawless releases on esteemed imprints such as Metalheadz, Dispatch,  Soul:r and Exit Records; this hugely awaited LP feels right at home in the experimental realms of one of Skeptical’s most frequented and forward thinking label collaborators. 

Whether you’re a lover of Skeppy’s industrial sounding drum and bass, his experimental 140 or his ambient, trippy half-time; Enjoy This Trip has all the bases covered. Pitch Black, Enjoy This Trip, Cold Fold & Look Behind seamlessly marry cinematic intros, pulsing sub-bass and sweeping FX with spacious, ‘less is more’ drops; organic and experimental dubstep at it’s finest.

Plastic City, Void, Elevator & Grub sit confidently among some of the finest of Skeptical’s drum and bass productions; with commanding drums, warped synths and trippy, syncopated beats and basslines. Fast paced arp leads, and rolling percussion really pushes these to the forefront of the album, while Violet is a testament to Skeptical’s versatility and creative prowess.

The final track on the album, Violet showcases Skeptical’s experimental roots as he seamlessly blends live and electronic elements to create the perfect fusion of substance and soul. The Hip-Hop/Jazz/Latin fusion is gracefully partnered with a syncopated samba type beat; focused around the pulsing drums and beautiful piano melody. Haunting vocals and subtle sci fi-esque fx weave between these elements, creating a nostalgic yet refreshing feel.

A truly cinematic and all-encompassing journey from start to end, Enjoy This Trip is one for the aficionados of experimental bass music at it’s finest. Out now on Exit Records, you can grab your copy here.