Shiver – Fragmented EP Flexout Audio Review

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f we’re honest with ourselves, we’re all guilty when perusing through our favourite download site of only looking for certain artists and labels.  There are names you see week in week out, some good, some not so good, then there are some artists that pop up only once in blue moon and yet somehow manage to blow everything else out of the water, for me one of those artists is Shiver and one of those labels is Flexout Audio. 

With this in mind you can imagine my sheer delight when a collaboration between the two arrived here at In-Reach HQ and it gives me even greater delight to report that it completely surpassed my expectations!  The six track EP perfectly displays Shiver’s unrivalled creativity as a producer with a host of hard hitting minimal steppers with a slight twist, in true Shiver style.

Kicking things off, and for those that remember, the team at Flexout Audio recently ran a remix competition for Shiver’s track ‘Crossover’, with phenomenal response!  After hearing a number of the finalist’s tracks I can tell you that the bar was well and truly raised.  The winning remix was by Australian production trio Gran Calavera and for me, perfectly demonstrates why these remix competitions are so important as the track is complete vibes from start to finish.



Another stand out track from the EP has to be Shiver x Mtwn’s collaboration entitled ‘Falling Down’.  Slightly more steppy than most Mtwn productions, the track boasts a powerful female vocal with dark, bass heavy beat.  The track continuously steps the beat up throughout, keeping the listener locked.  Definitely one of the strongest tracks i’ve heard in a long time.



That being said however, the tune of the EP for me has to be the title track, Fragmented.  The best way I can describe it is, when you go to club nights over a certain period time and keep coming across a particular tune that absolutely devastates you.  Every time you hear it you run around in a mad frenzy asking everyone if they know what this tune is, maybe even typing “WOT IS DIS TUNE M8” into the notes section of your iPhone and holding it up to the irritated looking DJ, to no avail.  Then out of the blue you finally find it and it feels as if the gods have fate have come together and taken you to kick drum heaven . . . Or something along those lines anyway.  Ironically, Fragmented is perfectly constructed, with great progression throughout and impeccably produced sounds.  A real testament to not only Shiver, but also Flexout for once again sourcing only the finest drum and bass the underground scene has to offer.



This EP is an absolute must have so don’t sleep on it, head over to the iTunes store, to pre order your copy.