Seba – 'Identity' Album Release – Secret Operations

Sebastian Ahrenberg, better known as Seba is a Drum and Bass producer and DJ originally from Ingarö, an island just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Working with a basic home studio, he began by making techno, but soon progressed to a more breakbeat-orientated sound. Seba’s first professional release was Sonic Winds on LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records in 1995, he then progressed to produce a string of releases on good looking records, metalheadz and his own record label. By 1997 Seba had opened his very own nightclub in the basement club ‘Tuben’ and named it ‘Secret Operations’. A couple of years on and seba had released his first compilation on his new record label ‘Secret Operations’ and since released a variety of Drum and Bass records on his label and various others, Seba is now recognised for his edge on making deep atmospheric tracks.


Seba now returns with a his long awaited album ‘Identity’ due to release next month on the 4th march under his own label ‘Secret Operations’.  In-Reach have fortunately been able to preview the whole album and he’s certainly set the bar on this one. The album is set to be released as 10 digital tracks and 3 12″ vinyls.

The album comprises of a mixture of genre’s of Drum and Bass giving an edge that you certainly wont get bored of, but still maintaining a carefully selected harmonious flow of tracks throughout. ‘Identity’ has an assortment of euphoric vibes, piano peices, fantastic vocals, funky beats, and rumbling basslines, there’s something there for every mood. Several of the tracks are techno and house inspired creating an album that’s full of character and we love it! With tracks like ‘too much too soon’, ‘Say you love me’ and one of my own favourites ‘Balance of power’ with a hard hitting rolling bassline we’re sure this album is gonna be big! We really cant recommend it enough.

Seba Identity- Album Sampler. (The album was due to release in January but was pushed back until march, hence the january release date on the video below!)


Seba is planning to do an album tour in Europe during the spring so keep your eyes peeled!

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