Script & Codebreaker Rinse FM 25/09/2013

Once again, Hold tight the Script and Codebreaker MC – Been loving the combination on Rinse for the last few ūüôā tune¬†selection-wise always comes correct. A nice mix of new and old business, and a big boy selection of dubs for your listening pleasure. The type of dnb Script is¬†playing¬†at the moment is right up my street…..¬†definitely¬†going to keep locked to Rinse when these man are hosting the air waves.

Check the full track listing below…

Horizons : LTJ Bukem
Burnside : SCAR (Dub)
Zero One : SCAR (Dub)
Old Soul : DLR / Mako & Fields (Dub)
Chinese Silk : MIST (Calibre Remix)
When? : Survival & Script ( Dub)
Mind Overload : Ram Trilogy
Noise3 : Survival & Silent Witness
Spectre : SCAR (Dub)
Guessing Games : Zero T & Script (Bailey Remix Dub)
To Shape The Future : Optical Remix
Groove Shadow : Xtrah (Dub)
Just Want You : Total Science
Near Miss VIP : System (Dub)
Put That Woman First : Jahiem (Calibre Remix)
It’s A Trap : I Kamanchi
Locked Out : FD & Script (Dub)
The Wall : Survival & Silent Witness
Vanishing Point : Break
Orbiter : G.H.O.S.T (Dub)
Wrong Un : Stealth
Rufige 11 : Jubei (Dub)
Miami Flashback : Bad Company
Wots My Code : Total Science
Something From Nothing : SCAR (Dub)
Digi : Survival
Wasp Factory :Zero T & Bailey (Fierce VIP)
Deadline : Digital
Titan : Ram Trilogy
Garden : TEED (Calibre Remix)
Set Speed : Krust
Something Else : Special Forces
Fair Game : SCAR (Dub)
Temper Temper : Goldie (Grooverider Remix)

And don’t forget to download from the SC player!