Script & Codebreaker Rinse FM 25/09/2013

Once again, Hold tight the Script and Codebreaker MC – Been loving the combination on Rinse for the last few 🙂 tune selection-wise always comes correct. A nice mix of new and old business, and a big boy selection of dubs for your listening pleasure. The type of dnb Script is playing at the moment is right up my street….. definitely going to keep locked to Rinse when these man are hosting the air waves.

Check the full track listing below…

Horizons : LTJ Bukem
Burnside : SCAR (Dub)
Zero One : SCAR (Dub)
Old Soul : DLR / Mako & Fields (Dub)
Chinese Silk : MIST (Calibre Remix)
When? : Survival & Script ( Dub)
Mind Overload : Ram Trilogy
Noise3 : Survival & Silent Witness
Spectre : SCAR (Dub)
Guessing Games : Zero T & Script (Bailey Remix Dub)
To Shape The Future : Optical Remix
Groove Shadow : Xtrah (Dub)
Just Want You : Total Science
Near Miss VIP : System (Dub)
Put That Woman First : Jahiem (Calibre Remix)
It’s A Trap : I Kamanchi
Locked Out : FD & Script (Dub)
The Wall : Survival & Silent Witness
Vanishing Point : Break
Orbiter : G.H.O.S.T (Dub)
Wrong Un : Stealth
Rufige 11 : Jubei (Dub)
Miami Flashback : Bad Company
Wots My Code : Total Science
Something From Nothing : SCAR (Dub)
Digi : Survival
Wasp Factory :Zero T & Bailey (Fierce VIP)
Deadline : Digital
Titan : Ram Trilogy
Garden : TEED (Calibre Remix)
Set Speed : Krust
Something Else : Special Forces
Fair Game : SCAR (Dub)
Temper Temper : Goldie (Grooverider Remix)

And don’t forget to download from the SC player!