SCAR – Call To Arms EP (Dispatch Recordings)

Let’s face it, a collaboration between Script and Survival was only ever going to be one thing and that’s absolute fire!  Before their debut “Call To Arms EP” had even been released they had us queueing at the doors of Fabric nightclub waiting with baited breath for the smallest preview of what was to come and they certainly didn’t disappoint!  With glimpses of Script’s expertly executed amens and Survival’s flair for creating the perfect rolling basslines it’s fair to say that this has to be one of the greatest collaborations yet.

Whilst listening to the EP you’ll realise just how instrumental these two producers have been in creating the drum and bass sound we know today, it reflects perfectly on the old school flavour with almost Renegade Hardware style stabs (instantly taking you back to a Loxy & Ink set at The End) cleverly diversified by the clean, contemporary drum patterns.  But don’t get it twisted, if you think you can get a feel for this release through your iPhone or laptop speakers you’ve been misinformed.  The crippling basslines running throughout tracks such as Call To Arms means you’ll only feel the full effect through a powerful system.  To put it bluntly this is one of the strongest EP’s i’ve heard in a long time, each track displaying both Script and Survival’s unmatched expertise in producing clean, hard hitting drum and bass, I can’t wait to see what these guys have in store for the future.

SCAR’s Call To Arms EP has just dropped on the mighty Dispatch Recordings, a label at the very helm of upfront drum and bass.  Head over to to cop it.