Response – Surveillance / One Nation & Creep / Resistance

Whenever I hear of a new release from Ingredients Records I feel a twitch of excitement! With over 20 years experience under their belt they are a symbol of quality in the Drum and Bass community, well known for tunes that have a unique and fresh appeal. Unfortuntely very little is known of Mancunian producer Response, Even After writing Nailbomb / Hard Times alongside ST Files on recipe 033 he has remained a fairly mysterious character but that’s all set to change. Response is set to cause quite a stir this year with two fresh new 12″s available for pre-order on Ingredients Records. It’s so refreshing to hear tracks like these and we at In-Reach always welcome producers that bring out filthy bangers to destroy the dancefloor!! Both Records are due out towards the end of September and Redeye Records have rightly dubbed both 12″s as “Brilliant.”, and we definitely agree. Take the time to check out Ingredients Records other releases, they have many talented producers under their wing!

Response and St Files 12″ Nailbomb / Hard Times has been re-released on Redeye Records, so if you didn’t get a chance to get your vinyl previously you can get it here.



Get Surveillance / One nation on 12″ Vinyl here




Get Creep / Resistance on 12″ Vinyl here

If you fancy listening to more from Ingredients Records then why not check out Ingredients 35 – Mise En Place pt2 which saw the return of Dub Phizix & Skeptical, alongside dRamatic & dbAudio & Villem with a fantastic Break remix. We covered this release a few months back and love it


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