Renegade Hardware "Multiverse EP"

So who’s suffering from a major case of post Hardware blues then!? I know I am.

Last Saturday saw the return of the mighty Renegade Hardware at Electric, Brixton and as usual Clayton, Yoko and the crew pulled out all stops to make it a night to remember.  Whether you’re a veteran or just popped your hardware cherry you can’t deny that Renegade Hardware events are ahead of the game when it comes to hearing the freshest beats (plus the oldest and dirtiest, come to think of it) and their latest event was no exception.  With killer sets from the likes of Maztek, BTK and Cold Fusion all showcasing tracks from Hardware’s forthcoming “Multiverse EP” it’s no surprise there’s a high level of anticipation surrounding the release.


The title track from the EP is a collaborative effort by Maztek and Cern, those with a keen ear would have already heard Maztek drop this Saturday night and needless to say the response from the crowd was phenomenal.  This super clean neuro inspired roller is everything you’d expect to hear from Maztek, the production is impossibly clean and perfectly accentuated by Cern’s knack for percussion and creating the moodiest basslines.  The perfect way to kick start the release!

Next up is the mighty Optiv & BTK alongside Renegade Hardware Veteran Cold Fusion with a track entitled Void.  With these three on production duties there was only ever going to be one outcome and that’s complete and utter filth.  Probably my favourite element to this track is the teasing break before the drop, one of those moments you fully expect to lose your head only to be plunged into utter suspense until the anticipation levels reach breaking point.  Ironically, just before the drop the trio roll out a female vocal saying “There’s a void where there should be ecstasy” which could not be further from the truth, this track is pure musical ecstasy from start to finish with classic Optiv & BTK drum patterns and grimy bass – perfect!!

Taking things a little bit darker is the third from the four track EP entitled “One At A Time” by the mighty Dose & Cern.  It goes without saying that these two have proven to be one of the greatest drum and bass collaborations of all time and this latest venture is absolutely no exception.  Bringing a style more reminiscent of early Renegade Hardware releases this track has a more unusual feel to it.  A real moody, bassline orientated roller with quite experimental sounds, I dare say this is probably one for the older heads with a more experienced palette.

Despite every track on the EP blowing our minds here at In-Reach HQ, I have to say the one that stands out for me has to be “No Smer” by Renegade Hardware’s new blood Subtension, Minor Rain & Trilo.  For those that aren’t familiar, Subtension and Minor Rain have already had a string of successful releases under their belt (singularly and as a collaboration) on labels such as Samurai Music, Syndrome Audio, Sinuous and Dutty Audio and Trilo is no stranger to the tech scene either with a number of releases on Disturbed and Citrus Recordings, with this in mind we knew a collaboration between the three would be a killer!  No Smer manages to compliment and demonstrate the individual strengths of all three artists perfectly, the outcome is a dance floor killer, one that i’ll personally be playing for a long time to come.

Renegade Hardware’s “Multiverse EP” is due to drop on June 9th, head over to to pre order your copy now.