Ram Records – Andy C – 6 Hour Set

Gotta start by saying…  This was one of the best Drum n Bass nights i’ve been to in a longgg time….Londons Fabric Night Club hosted the executioner himself Andy C for a 6 hour and 42 minute set, I had high expectations but even these were to low for what I was about to go through!! loved every second of it, still getting the shivers when aeroplane came in and even the old ‘wheres my money’ its been a minute since i’ve heard that one – It fully when off, the crowd was vibing all night!

Andy smashed it, the crowd smashed it, fabric smashed it, and I damn well smashed it too.
Check out the flicks below and see the night from our perspective.

Out to the people I rocked it with, you know who you are 😉

For all these and more (+high res), check out the In-Reach Flickr.
Till next time 😉