Pioneer unveils the PLX-1000 turntable

Speculations of the new turntable from Pioneer have been confirmed this week, with the unveiling of the new PLX-1000 to the delight of turntablists worldwide. The iconic Technics 1210 turntable has been a key part in tuntablism and the industry standard since its production began in 1972. Fears were confirmed in 2010 when Panasonic announced they would stop production of the Technics turntable due to a lack of demand.

Fear not, as Pioneer are set to lead the way with the new PLX-1000 turntable. The direct-drive PLX-1000 is a fully analogue piece of kit with a back-to-basics set of knobs – start/stop and tempo controls on one side, tempo fader on the other.

The tempo controls are the only unusual bits, as RA reports, allowing you to switch from plus/minus 8 all the way up to 50. There’s also a tempo reset button, removable power, ground and phono cables.

Watch it in action on the video below. The arrival of the PLX-1000 seems very well-timed, with vinyl sales at their highest for over a decade and a number of new record shops opening throughout the UK.

[youtube id=”rMF0pYZfuQk” width=”620″ height=”360″]