Overlook – False / Everything Counts (Narratives Music)

Does anybody else find that there’s something incredibly intriguing about Narratives Music? I mean, from a musical perspective they’ve taken drum and bass by storm – especially when considering that the forthcoming release by Overlook is only number seven in the catalogue. Beyond the tunes though, the way they’re perceived feels peculiar, it’s like there’s an indefinable degree of mysteriousness that surrounds them and enables them to float at a totally unique level of abstraction.

Following on from the highly acclaimed ‘Three Shards’ early last year,  ‘False/ Everything Counts’ (dropping on the 10th of February) is Overlook’s second release on Narratives. Overlook’s music channels an elusive and unconventional nature, there’s a diversity in his tunes that challenges established boundaries and contributes to carving an innovative path into the future.

‘False/ Everything Counts’ is a release that absolutely stays true to the standard of creative mastermind we’ve come to associate with Overlook.  A-side ‘False’ is one in which the deceptively ambient intro, all orchestral strings and drawn out pads, soon becomes a desolate backdrop. Desolate in a sense that the drum work is the real focus in this tune. Crashing in with an abrasive darkness, the vibe is gritty, belligerent and uncompromising, and there’s a clear reference to that early Metalheadz sound. The soundscape is one with no obvious middle ground, there’s a wrathful mood channelled through the militant drum formation and there’s suspense, suspense in the ambiences, contradictory but sinister.

‘Everything Counts’ on the flip-side is more minimalist. It’s a tune kinetic and compelling. The cleverly built up energies, entwined with progressively deepening bass lines and spaced out atmospherics, become as equally powerful as the obviously engaging drum-work in ‘False’. The gradual increases and decreases in tempo, and the manner in which the tension created goes largely undetected – make this tune a profound journey, intensely hypnotic.

‘False / Everything Counts’ is available to pre-order over at Surus

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