Nitri – Against Our Will/ J:Kenzo remix

Amongst all the excitement surrounding the forthcoming Dream Thief 4 compilation, a release I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands on, Horizons have been releasing a steady flow of on point tunes that really do warrant an online journey to the Horizons store essential- and another massive release has just dropped: Against Our Will by Brazilian producer Nitri.

With strong releases on Grid Recordings, Program and Horizons Music, Nitri is a producer to keep a very close eye on, stylistically his work varies, some of his tunes favouring neurofunk some techfunk and some melancholic, liquid rollers; Against Our Will leans towards the latter.  I personally feel that the best is still to come from Nitri, a few of his previous tracks in my opinion u-turned as a result of ever so cheesy vocals, but latest release Against Our Will comprises of quite the opposite. A husky vocal is coalesced with a soothing bassline, there’s something quite nostalgic about this tune, with dulcet synths gliding in and out of the foreground, and the vocal content almost pleading, ethereal elements amalgamated with harsh drums manage to combine realism and dreamlike resulting in a liquid journey with an abrasive, longing undertone.

On the flip side J:Kenzo’s remix of Against Our Will adds a harder edge to the tune, hostile, hard-hitting drums and the vehement clatter of gritty atmospherics give the tune a subversive yet militant feel. Both tunes are strong releases that add to an ever-growing Nitri back catalogue of prominent, masterfully crafted releases; this is a single I would highly recommend.

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