New Releases from IM:LTD
[dropcap]Whoa![/dropcap] Seriously though.. These badboy riddems releasing on IM:LTD  are absolutely disgusting. I’ll start with summin by Gerwin – entitled ‘Against The Clock’ damnnn this tune gave my day the jump start it needed (I was feeling propa deadout before this trust me) If you need a kick right here, right now… Listen This!

Next up is summin from Hibea – ‘White Owl’ the release is dropping on the 29th of April coming reversed with a couple of remixes thrown in by Phil Tangent and Fade. I’ve been tipped to keep a close eye on the IM:LTD click, and from these two belting examples I think i’m gna have to. Stay Locked.

Check em out:
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