Need For Mirrors – Reset EP

Need For Mirrors otherwise known as Joe Moses and Emilio Dimitrio are fast becoming a household name in drum and bass, with many mighty releases on the scenes most prominent labels, the duo have become associated with high-quality bangers that bring a minimal yet heavy, forward-thinking sound to the table. The Reset EP forthcoming on V Recordings on the 17th of June is no exception.

Opening tune Reset featuring Edward Oberon is filth absolutely no doubt about it – The vocal is borderline cheesy and I would usually run a mile but the dark groove in this one pulls it through. Impeccable production, Reset has a balance of ambience and malevolence that’s just right, something that not many producers achieve.

The stand out track for me has got to be Debris; I’m a fan of the sparse sounding but equally dark Sea Slug and also the moody, haunting vibes of Sour Diesel, but Debris definitely comes out top and it’s the first drop that does it. Ok, so it isn’t an over the top earth shattering drop but it’s heavyweight in a way that’s effortless and militant, crunchy drums, crisp percussion and the occasional synth stab take this tune into the darkness – a savage yet sophisticated EP, highly recommended.