Narratives – Rhyming in Fives

Narratives Music has just signed new UK talent, Rhyming in Fives for a three track e.p. Narratives is run by¬†Blocks and Escher, two extremely credible names within the drum and bass scene. They’ve had quite a lot of attention from big name artists on previous releases and this seems to be following suite.


The first track, ‘All’s well’ is a deep, cinematic track with a simple but catchy hook. The track includes organic sounding textures, from vinyl static to delaying percussive elements. As the song continues to build in suspense, the strings intensify and a second synth is introduced along with a vocal sample. I’m really feeling this track. It’d be perfect soundtrack for a film.

The second and third songs have similar vibes, both could belong on the Drive sound track quite comfortably. The arpeggiated bassline and synths in ‘With You’ really go down well. Check out the video below, I’m not 100% sold on it but take a look and see what you think.

[youtube id=”xd0r5FIwr44″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

All in all the e.p is well rounded and each of the songs have a sense of belonging with one another. The whole e.p wouldn’t initially be recognised as drum and bass and I think it’s probably a tad slower than most tracks. Really exciting new visions of what the genre could be though. Definitely check out the audio below and make sure you go buy the audio when it’s released. In the mean time pre order at Surus.

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