Monty – Hypnotize EP (1985 Music)

Monty, arguably one of the hottest names in the genre, has been receiving critical acclaim for the cutting edge style of Drum & Bass he produces. Having firmly cemented himself in a short time into the ‘buy on sight’ category for a vast majority of fans, there is no sign of that changing any time soon. The Frenchman has once again pulled out all the stops for his first release of the year, the ‘Hypnotize’ EP out next week on 1985 Music.

Kicking off the EP is the title track, ‘Hypnotize’. The blend of haunting soundscapes and a muzzled vocal in the intro holds you deep under Monty’s command. As it builds, you fall deeper into the tune and realise there’s no hiding from forthcoming madness thats about to follow. The growling sub bass slowly comes to forefront of the track dropping perfectly into the meticulously designed percussion, laden with breaks and switch ups. A brief pause for breath is all we are allowed before the second drop hits, slightly altering the roaring bass with brutal effect. Heavyweight business.

Hypnotize bannerUp next ‘Random Conduct’ continues the mesmerising journey keeping the energy levels high. We are reeled in with another set of uncompromisingly tight drums that step and roll through the track with devastating effect. Together with the unrelenting flurry of groovy stabs and punchy hits, ‘Random Conduct’ rolls out what is another amazing track, showcasing Monty’s undeniable talent.

The style and vibe that I affiliate Monty with is epitomised with this next track ‘Sleepless’. Dreamy pads and atmospheres fill the intro before transitioning into this smooth roller that is packed with elegance. Constantly evolving throughout, we are kept firmly on our toes with arrangement switches and intermittent flutters of aggressive bass. This is what sets him apart from the rest, he is not afraid of bridging the gap and keeping it fresh.

Rounding off the release is a track which I have personally been after for a while, ‘Magma’. As the name suggests, this one maybe a bit too hot to handle. Not much can prepare for the auditory onslaught that ‘Magma’ provides except perhaps screwing your face in anticipation. The level of production can only be admired as plethora of sounds and pounding bass work perfectly in tandem with each other causing maximum damage. Hear this one on a decent sound system and you will know about it… believe me!

For me, the ‘Hypnotise’ EP encapsulates everything I love about Drum & Bass.  It strikes the perfect balance between light and dark, from soulful numbers to gritty bangers. It’s easy to get lost with so much music available these days at the touch of a button, a lot of tunes become throwaways. The raw aggression and emotion that emanates through not only this release, but pretty much everything Monty puts his hand to really sticks with me. It makes me pretty confident I will still be just as captivated listening to these tracks after the hundredth play as I was on the first.

Make sure you go and get yourself a copy of this EP from the 1985 Music bandcamp page or Beatport from Monday 9th March.