Mefjus – Emulation LP

Just seven short days ago, every neuro head’s dreams came true when Critical Music finally unveiled Mefjus’s ‘Emulation LP’ in it’s entirety.  Since then the 15 track LP has stormed it’s way to the top of every drum and bass chart, making it one of the most successful and hotly anticipated releases of recent times.  And not without due cause, the album features a combination of impossibly intricate neurofunk, half time and glitch hop with some of the scene’s biggest names such as Phace and Misanthrop alongside Dutch EDM MC group Dope D.O.D.


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f, like me, you waited with baited breath for the release of the album sampler a few weeks ago only to be blown away by the intensity of Suicide Bassline then this album is definitely for you.  Tracks such as Emulation, Saturation, Impuls, Hybrid, Brainwork, Stutter and Surrounded fire from all cylinders with the hard, fast paced and powerful beat patterns, unrivalled by any other producer around.  In fact, all of the aforementioned tracks are so mind blowingly amazing it’s impossible for me to choose my favourite!



For me, one of the greatest things about Mefjus as a producer is his ability to turn his hand to almost any electronic dance music sub genre and create a sound that is not only powerful and well produced, but one that is completely unique and instantly recognisable.  A great example of this would be the opening tracks of the album “Change of Mind’ featuring Maksim.  This sticky, half time, almost grime inspired beat could easily have been a hidden Noisia & Foreign Beggars tracks from back in their heyday if its wasn’t for Mefjus’s super futuristic samples, giving the sound a new depth.  More of the same can be seen with tracks such as ‘Taking’ featuring Zoe Klinck (who we saw featured on Halogenix’s ’Systems 001’ release on Critical earlier this year) and Godzilla featuring Dope D.O.D.  Personally, these tracks aren’t for me, they’re a little too far removed from what I love about drum and bass, but horses for courses as they say!



If you haven’t already then make sure you head over to the Critical Music online store to grab your copy of the limited edition Emulation LP vinyl or head over to Beatport to get Mefjus’s exclusive bonus mix when you download the album.