Mauoq – Dry Water / Wet Fire – CX Digital

Our good friend Mauoq has come through with a huge release on Loxy and Reza’s CX Digital imprint. This relatively new talent is really causing a stir in the drum and bass scene, with releases in the Diffrent camp and his popular podcasts. A single on Loxy’s label is highly reputable within the drum and bass world and this release definitely deserves it.

Kicking off with ‘Dry Water’. The track starts with a nice enticing punch, drawing instant attention. Ethnic drum hits keep a nice rhythmic element throughout, these hits have a really dark ambience. Snappy snares build intensity and what I can only describe as a crow’s squawk adds a certain character to the track.  The mysterious breakdown leads into the main drop which has a real sense of the CX podcasts, with it’s deep bass line and half time beat. The drop doesn’t disappoint and theres a definite dub vibe to the track, one that we’ve come to love with everything Loxy touches. Were all really feeling this tune at In-Reach!

The flip side, ‘Wet Fire’ is on a slightly more minimal tip. The intro contains chirping crickets and a really nice rhythm. There’s a really strange sound in this song. I can’t really describe it, it’s almost like a dixie horn (sorry Mauoq! haha) but it does give the song some depth and artistic individuality. Filtered bass kicks in and we start to get a sense of what this song’s really about but it’s just a tease! The next part of the song has this really bouncy mid bass which really gets the head bopping.

Look out for future releases from the sounds of Mauoq. Big big single, make sure you go cop that!

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