Mauoq "A Diffrent Story" pt.1
In-Reach x Diffrent Music
Continuing the celebration of Diffrent Music’s benchmark 20th release. The “Evolution Of The Giraffe LP” we take a step away to reflect on the past, the forgotten and slept on beats that paved the way for the pink giraffe to climb into so many peoples record bags and iPods.
No stranger to Diffrent Music; Italian born DJ slash producer ‘Mauoq’ put together a pair of mixes titled “A Diffrent Story” – Digging deep into the back catalogue and showing the full evolution the labels musical direction.



Fathom Audio “Promises”
Chills “Everyones Mad”
Shaded “Obliterate”
Dan Marshall “Eden”
Arkaik “Lost”
Joe Syntax “Libra”
Direct Motion “Those That Lead”
Jekyll “Blabbermouth”
Mtwn “Microcosm”
Fearful “Tongues”
Cuelock “Ghost Sound”
Fybe:one “The Last Minute”
Frederic Robinson “Laughing at Clouds”
Kolectiv “Slow”
Shaded “Sandworm”
Whu “No Future”
Arkaik “Serrated”
M-zine & Scepticz x Mtwn “Choices”
Arkaik & MCXL “Game Changer”
Jekyll “Drainpipe”

All music can be purchased via the Diffrent store

Sit back and enjoy, part.2 to follow.

More from the Mauoq below 😉


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