Marcus Intalex – Quer Key / Gripped, Exit Records

With another Lp release this month Marcus Intalex is never far from the spotlight. He’s Produced a string of solo Drum and Bass releases, 2 record labels to run Soul:r and Revolve:r(the sister label that provides exposure for more experimental tracks), Soul:ution the club night, and producing Techno/House tunes under the name-DJ Trevino, anyone would wonder how he fits in the time to make such damn good Drum and Bass tunes! Intalex is known for pushing the boundaries with his sets by introducing fresh tracks from right the way across the Drum and Bass spectrum to the eager ears of the crowd. This year has seen some incredible releases from Intalex who has taken a different direction to his normal soulful tracks and has reminded me why he is such an important and revered drum and bass producer. ‘Riots/Hell to pay’  being two of my favourite releases this year so far,  you can imagine how happy I was to hear that another LP was being dropped this month on Exit Records! With around 19 years of experience in the bag, Intalex proves that he can adapt his style of production to one that suits the era flawlessly.
His Regular appearances for the likes of Metalheadz, Ram and Renegade Hardware have helped to improve his versatility as a DJ to avoid the more common genre tags like ‘liquid’ and ‘mellow’ and to create something different on the dancefloor.  After listening to ‘Quer Key’ and ‘Gripped’ not only do I find myself reminiscing about some of Intalex’s more classic soul stamped tunes like ‘How you make me feel’ with St Files, I find myself quite excited with the direction his music is going in and what he’s going to bring to the table next, especially when Metalheadz 20th anniversary is just around the corner 😀

Release is to be confirmed sometime this month.

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