Manchester Rapped Up

In the last few years Manchester has steadily been building up its Musical repertoire and the hard work has paid off.  I thought it would be worth listing a few of the talents that you might be hearing a lot more of in the near future.

I’m going to start off with one of the youngest ones out there. Chuckz hasn’t been around all that long, but what he has done has impressed me a lot. I first found out about him last September when he dropped The Demo mixtape, which has disappeared now. If you can find that online it’s well worth a listen.  He recently followed that up with Black Period, which  you can grab from his band camp.

R O double L A… and not ER.  Rolla hasn’t brought out that much music, but what he has made is top quality. His Out of The Blue EP dropped last year and features some bars from Skittles and Chimpo.

Black Josh
He’s not been about for ages, but he’s already racked up a load of releases on Blah Records and become a key member of the Levelz collective. This one has some smooth visuals.

Ellis Meade
A promising young producer / lyricist, who has been heavily involved in the Room 2 Records gang, which formed in the second studio of Broke n English’s label, Estate Recordings.

He’s collaborated with Icicle, Dub Phizix and Zed Bias as well as releasing an album or two on the side. Skittles has impressed a lot of people over the years with his lyrical abilities and his commitment to getting shedded.

He’s obsessed with socks, vimto and counts producing, djing and spitting bars in his arsenal of skills. He’s destined to kill it.

One third of Broke ’n’ English, who in my opinion is easily the top drum and bass host out there. On top of that he’s just dropped his second album on Soul:R to critical acclaim as well as collaborating with people like Toddla T, Calibre, Marcus Intalex among millions of other people. He’s a mean artists as well.

The second third of Broke n English, Strategy, probably most famous right now for his collaborations with Dub Phizix and Skeptical, but he’s got a lot more than that up his sleeve.

One of the most recent additions to the pack. He’s been honing his skills for a few years, but only recently took everyone by surprise with his first release the Lost EP last summer. Since then he’s followed it up with the Grown EP in February. He’s honest and sharp. A one to watch for the future.

He’s involved the Mouse Outfit, Levelz and Hit and Run as well as the group Voodoo Black. He’s made that flow his trademark and he’s got it down to a T.

Voodoo Black
Another crew this time composed of Ellis Meade, Sparkz, Dubbul O and DJ Cutterz. I’m pretty new to them, but they’ve got some tight stuff.

One of my favourite vocalists out there and a man who has more than honed his skills over the years. He just dropped his first EP on Estate Recordings. The tremendously named Shiddleywiddleyskangdangshiddleywoi EP.

Children of Zeus
The final broke n English component Konny Kon and Tyler Daly have been recording together under the name Children of Zeus for a while now and they’ve hit a great sweet spot between soul and hip hop. Boom.

The Manchester supergroup which lists half of Manchester as its members including Chimpo, Dub Phizix, Fox, Skittles, Black Josh, Sparkz, Metrodome, Jonny Dub and a whole lot more. Proof that if you take lots of high quality ingredients and mix them all together with a lot of brandy and weed you come out with a high definition music machine.

Words by Mernywernz


Photo by Alex Morgan

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