Mako Talks Samples!

Mako’s most recent release ‘Back To The Source’ is definitely an EP to get excited about! Having dropped a few weeks back on the mighty Dispatch Recordings (07.07.14), it’s his first solo output on the label and a sterling addition to both his own and the Dispatch catalogue.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] think it’s fair to say Dispatch have cornered the market in pushing a distinctly dark and technical sound. Now, this isn’t to say the EP doesn’t hint at these kind of sinister grooves, but I do feel the overall vibe differs from what we’d usually expect from the label.

Present in all of Mako’s music is his ability to amalgamate influences musical, introspective, and based also on a deep level of reflection in the world surrounding him. ‘Back To The Source’ is a body of work that clearly references the sounds of Photek, Dillinja and the pioneers of that much loved 90’s sound. There are quirks in the tunes that make for new discovery’s every listen, and undoubtedly the inclusion of thought-provoking samples adds an interesting depth to the music!

With that in mind, Mako was kind enough to talk us through some of his favourite samples… 

Two claaaaaaaasic samples here:

One from Goodfellas

One from The Warriors

I feel like I use a mixture of old and new school production techniques. On one hand I love using samples from anywhere and everywhere and I feel no shame in ripping anything from movie trailers to the latest HBO drama series, for sounds, vocals and general atmosphere. But more recently after hanging out with my bredrin DLR, I’ve learnt how to make more of my own sounds on the fly, creating new bass from synths etc… It’s made the whole music making process even more fun.

When I need inspiration; an old bittersweet drama comedy from the olden days, a film called ‘Its A Wonderful Life’. 

I find that in modern day life, we’re bombarded with ‘how to be/how we should act’ type messages from everywhere, not just the media but also our friends and family. I find old values the most appealing to the way I want to live my life, and this film captures some of them.

Classic Source Direct and more famously Wu-Tang

Kung fu movies are a classic draw for sounds as they contain everything from flutes, strings, waterfall effects and obviously vocal samples. I love using vocals in tunes, although recently I have been using more philosophy based quotes in my work to try and explain to people how I feel about the universe.

Another classic Source Direct sample hunt was ‘Death Wish’

mako feature

I remember in my label’s beginnings when we had distribution meetings, one time I randomly bumped into Phil from Source Direct and he let slip that he had sampled this film. I went on the download mission straight away and low and behold some legendary Metalheadz, Source Direct sounds were instantly recognised. I didn’t sample them myself out of respect (and a dedication to keeping it as fresh as possible).

‘Back To The Source’ is not one to be missed, to get your hands on it head over to the Dispatch store. 

Check out the preview below: 

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