LTJ Bukem – BBC Documentary

Edit 20/08/15: Just found the re-up of this documentary, it used to be on GoodlookingTV’s Vimeo and has since been removed anyhow here it is again 🙂

Old Except: “At just over 800 plays (believe, I’ve searched other outlets too) that’s far too little… It’s time to show it to more people. If you love the scene and care about how it has progressed over the years, then you will definitely enjoy the watch! The documentary follows Good Looking Records – (Mainly) Tony Fordham, Danny Williamson and Conrad Thompson, giving you an insight into how different the scene was back then, along with the margin of similarity that still remains. Vinyl pushing / Expanding the Brand / Cutting House / “They’re fuckin bootlegging my records mate!”

Gotta say Fordham is a right geezer! Get watching:

Modern Times – LTJ Bukem Documentary (1996) by junglednbdocumentary