Low:r // Room 2 (Soulvent Records)

Low:r aka Ben Downton, is a producer from the south of England taking influences from all genres of music. Having amassed releases on Soul Deep Digital, Such, Atmomatix Records, Terra Firma and LTJ Bukem’s RSTLSSNSS; he’s now teamed up with East London imprint Soulvent Records to present his single ‘Room 2’. 

A blissful liquid roller staggered with jazz-infused chords and subtle pads, soulful vocals and plucky synths. Break heavy, rich percussion and bouncy, rave-style fx complete this gorgeous production.

The B side, ‘Back & Forth’ sees a collaboration with Surreal, delivering a more underground vibe. An atmospheric build into menacing synth swells & rising sweeps, while percussive bursts and dark glimmers of sub-bass float between militant layers of high energy drums. A perfect dance floor cut to complement its counterpart.

If you prefer the darker, understated side of the spectrum, you won’t want to miss Room 2, dropping on the 16th of March.